What character in Lord of the Flies did you like or dislike the most?

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My favorite character in The Lord of the Flies is Ralph because he is the character who shows the most growth as a result of his experiences on the island.  He starts out as the unquestioned leader on the island because of his charisma.  He is a civilizing element.  Although at first he cannot understand the savagery that begins to come out in the other boys, when he takes part on the periphery of the dancing frenzy that results in the death of Simon, he can see the dark side in his own nature.  Unlike Piggy, who tries to deny its existence, Ralph seems to come to the decision that it is important to overcome the savage within himself even if it means his own death.  His tears upon being rescued are not only tears of relief and tears of sorrow at Simon and Piggy's senseless deaths. I think they are also tears of sorrow at his own lost innocence.  He realizes that even though they are rescued, he will never be the same boy who was stranded.

My least favorite character was Roger.  He fell into savagery the most quickly and sadistically enjoyed teasing the younger boys.  I don't think he would have been at all likeable even in a civilized situation. 

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