What character development occurs in The Wizard of Oz?

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Elizabeth Aldrich eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In the beginning of the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy is a farm girl from Kansas who has mostly led her life fairly sheltered. Though unafraid and bold, she doesn't like being in a new strange land and at first she just wants to go home, but along the way as she meets and speaks with people and makes friends (the good witch, the lion, the tin man, the scarecrow) she grows to appreciate her journey and learn from her new friends. She learns the value of the people in her life, including her family back home.

The tinman, lacking a heart, believes he is incapable of love. After a serials of tribulations with Dorothy and their new friends, and their subsequent bonding, the tinman realizes he was capable of love all along even if he doesn't have a physical heart.

The scarecrow lacks a brain and wants one so he can be smart. However, throughout their journey he learns from experience, and grows into an intelligent creature without one.

The cowardly lion lacks courage. He goes to the wizard to get courage, but along the way experiences adventure and thrill with his friends and proves that he does have courage after all.

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