What character conflicts occur in "The Crucible"?And what is the conflict about?

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There are several character conflicts in "The Crucible".  One of the biggest and most obvious is between the girls who cry "Witch!" and the ones at whom they point their fingers.  The girls are lying and those people were killed or imprisoned unjustly.  Another major conflict is between Abigail Williams and John Proctor and Elizabeth Proctor.  Abigail is in love with John and wants Elizabeth out of the way so Abigail says Elizabeth is "witching her".  John wants nothing to do with Abigail and pushes her away from him because he deeply regrets his past indiscretion with her.  Judge Danforth doesn't want to lose respect in the town so he doesn't back down on the indictments and sentences against those accused of witchcraft even when he should and when he probably knows the people accused aren't witches.  When Giles Corey won't divulge a name, the court has him crushed to death.  Thomas Putnam is a greedy man who is angry that his brother-in-law didn't get named pastor, but Parris did.  He's jealous of Parris.  Also, Putman accuses people, or has his daughter accuse someone, in order to get the land those people have.  Putman's wife is jealous of Rebecca Nurse because Nurse has so many children and Putnam has had many infants die so Rebecca is accused of witchcraft. The conflicts are throughout the play.

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