What is the character analysis of Mrs. Pearce from Pygmalion? What is the role she plays? (in detail)

Expert Answers
beateach eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Mrs. Pearce, who is considered to be one of the minor characters, is the housekeeper to the Higgin’s household. But her roles in Pygmalion are much more than that as she is a teacher, protector, a mother figure, and admonisher. Mrs. Pearce can often be heard expressing her dismay at Henry Higgins lack of manners as he presents at the table in his dressing gown and not using the proper utensils when he eats. In spite of his lack of  manners and indifferent, sometimes unpredictable, temperament, she does find herself taken in by him. She expresses her concern about his “experiment” with Eliza Doolittle, which in her opinion is wrong. Mrs. Pearce comes to have motherly feelings towards Eliza and tries to shelter her all the while she admonishes Henry Higgins about the lack of human understanding he shows toward the lower class young lady. Eliza does not understand his indifference toward her and Mrs. Pearce attempts to be the go between.