what is the character analysis of james morell?

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As for as the character of Morell is concerned we may say that the character of Morell is a unique blending of chivalry and afraidness. He was brave enough to perform his job regarding church and preeching but on the other hand he was, when he realised, conscious enough about his wife Candida.

Actually, this is a kind of character which one is commonly seen in society. A man is brave enough to perform his task but it is almost impossible that he may avoid his duties regarding his family.

No doubt, to doubt upon his own wife is a crime in itself and in that sense he was a criminal. But, afterall he was a comman man who cannot live without his wife. There was a sense of fear that if she lelf him, how would he servive?

So, at last, as a conclusion I may say that his character is a unique and one of the most prominent characters, produced by Shaw. He portrays the character of the men of contemporary society.


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