What are Chapters Three and Four about in The City Of Ember?

editress | Student

Chapter 3 in The City of Ember talks about Doon ariving at the Pipeworks with anticipation. Airlin, the Pipeworks director's assistant guides Doon around his work site. She shows him around and they find Tunnel 97 where they set to work. To get to Tunnel 97, they had to follow a complicated route via passageways along pipes that carried water to all the buildings of Ember. During their lunch break, Airlin goes off to meet some friends and Doon finds his way back to the main tunnel using his map, determined to find something interesting or a slight clue to help save Ember but to no avail. He gets home angrily and hurls a shoe heel with all high might and accidentally hits his father. His father ecnourages him and tells him that he can find lots of bugs at the tunnel as Doon has always been fond of bugs.


In Chapter 4, Granny frantically searches for something which she feels has been lost but she does not exactly know what has been lost and what is it that she is looking for. Lina gets worried about this unusual behaviour of Granny latetly and she worries that Granny may not be able to look after her younger sister Poppy. Therefore, she heads down to Mrs. Murdo, her neighbour, and asks if she could keep an eye on Granny and Mrs. Murdo promises that she will. Lina takes a message to Clary given by Arbin Swinn to add four extra crates to his order, two of potatoes and two of cabbages. Clary and Lina have a small chat on how it is not possible to add extra potatoes to Arbin's orders as there happens to be a new disease which causes infections to the potatoes. Just as Lina is about to leave, she hears a wail followed by loud sobs. Sadge Merrall, a clerk in the Supply Depot pants and fearfully tells them what he sees in the darkness. Two gaurds come over to take him away. Lina tells Clary that she imagines about another City where everything is bright. Clary listens thoughtfully and says she has to get back to work and hands a few beans to Lina for her to grow them. Lina departs thanking her.