What are chapters 1 and 2 about in "Lord of the Flies"? after reading chapters 1&2

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In Chapter 1, the reader learns that an airplane load of British schoolboys has been shot down over a tropical island. The boys, discover that they are without adult supervision, decide to elect a leader.  Ralph is chosen; he possesses a large conch shell that he blows into like a horn to assemble the boys for a meeting.

Ralph chooses Jack Merridew, another strong minded boy, and his choirboys to be hunters, so the boys can get some meat. 

In the meantime, the idea of being alone on the island with no grown-ups to tell them what to do is at first very exciting for them. They excitedly explore the island, playing and jumping through the jungle.

Jack's first attempt at being a hunter fails, as he is unable to kill a wild pig that they discover caught in a tangle of vines.

In Chapter 2, the boys begin to settle down into the idea that they have crash landed on an island and no one knows where to find them.  This leads them to decide on making a signal fire.  They collect dead wood and use Piggy's glasses to set it ablaze. 

However, the fire burns out quickly. They make a new fire, but end up setting a row of trees on fire, losing track of one of the little boys in the process.

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