In what chapter was the discription af all the citizens getting a hair cut at the same time.No 

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stolperia eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Chapter six of The Giver includes the description of the recognition ceremony for ten year olds, at which time they all receive haircuts signifying their approaching adulthood. It is the ten year olds' portion of the marking of advancement in maturity conducted yearly by the community to recognize the growing up of all the children. In the same sense that all seven year olds receive jackets with buttons in the front or that all nine year olds receive their first bicycle, all ten year olds get hair cuts.

This ceremonial cutting frequently needs to be followed up, at home later that day, by parents doing further trimming to attempt to make a haircut more symmetrical and acceptable in appearance. There is no event in which all citizens of the community receive a hair cut at the same time.