The Shakespeare Stealer

by Gary Blackwood

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What is a chapter summary of Shakespeare stealer chapter 12?

Expert Answers

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Chapter 12 begins with Widge getting his first lessons in acting.  Widge is first apprehensive about going in, however he soon finds that it is a fencing lesson.  He practices with the other boys in the company.  After the lesson Julian and Sander begin teaching Widge about the three wards- High Ward, Broad Ward, and Base Ward.  They are interrupted by Nick who takes over the lesson and begins teasing/abusing Widge. After being nicknamed "Horse" and being hit by the stick on his hand and chest, Widge loses his temper.  He chooses not to cry because he knows it will just provoke further bullying. Finally, Julian and Sander step in and stop Nick by suggesting he let Widge train and then try to fight him.  Widge agrees even though he knows he will not be there to fight Nick- he hopes to be long gone.  Widge does not thank the two boys for helping him and is confused by why Mr. Arman did not step in and stop Nick's teasing.  Once the fighting training is finished, the boys move to Mr. Phillips who teaches them projection.   

In the afternoon, Widge helps the actors with their costumes during the play.  Julian comes in to change and goes behind the screen.  Sam explains that some actors like their privacy like Shakespeare and Burbage.  Widge remembers that he needs to find the lost script, and he leaves to go find it.  He goes up to the balcony and looks for the script- it is not there.  Widge suddenly realizes that the man he bumped into must have stolen it not realizing it was script pages rather than money.  Widge suddenly realizes that the script is gone, and he will have to try again.   

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