Lyddie Chapter 16 Summary

What is the chapter summary for chapter 16 in Lyddie by Kathryn Patterson?

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In Chapter 16, Lyddie's aunt and uncle have brought her sister Rachel to her to care for. Lyddie uses two weeks' worth of her savings to buy Rachel clothing and a book. Brigid makes mistakes and seems emotional at work. Lyddie snaps at her, but when she hears Brigid's mother is sick, she grudgingly gives her some change to pay for a doctor. After that, Brigid is "pathetically grateful" and performs much better at work. Lyddie sees the supervisor, Mr. Marsden, eyeing her continually across the room. 

Lyddie begins to feel feverish, and at the end of the workday, Mr. Marsden creates a pretense in order to keep Lyddie there alone with him after hours. He begins to make an unwanted sexual advance toward her, gripping her arms and pulling her toward him to kiss her. She is feeling ill, and without really knowing what she's doing, she stomps on his foot and escapes back to the boarding house. 

Lyddie becomes quite ill--probably she has caught the illness Brigid's mother had from sucking on the same shuttle that Brigid sucks on at the factory. Lyddie's sickness is severe, and she almost dies. Mrs. Bedlow, Brigid, and Dr. Morris care for her. As Lyddie drifts in and out of consciousness, she realizes that Rachel is constantly by her side. Finally Lyddie's fever breaks, and Rachel is thrilled that Lyddie hasn't died. Lyddie says wryly, "We can stil hop [sic]."

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Lyddie is the story of a young girl who must go to work in factories to help save the family farm. Lyddie's mother is unable to do anything, her father has died, and she must go and become the adult of the family. Her struggles are real and make you admire the young girl for the strength that she has. 

By chapter 16, Lyddie is taking care of her sister, Rachel, and still working in a factory. She has become a valuable employee to Mr. Marsden. She spends more than two weeks wages and buys Rachel some new clothes and books. Work had become better for her and she helps Brigid pay a medical bill. Mr. Marsden wants her to stay late at work one night and he ends up putting his arm around her. Lyddie kicks him and runs home. She gets a fever and becomes ill. Rachel, Brigid, Diana and Mrs. Bedlow all take care of her. 

Lyddie is such a strong girl. She manages to make money and take care of her younger sister, Rachel. We see the desire inside of Lyddie to make a better life for herself and her sister. She wants to save the family farm, but learns that her mother is in an asylum and the farm is going to be sold. Lyddie overcomes her sadness and moves forward with her life.

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