What are chapter summaries for The Innocents Abroad by Mark Twain?

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The Preface introduces Twain's work as "travel-writing," while humorously separating it from "solemn scientific" writing, "attractive" though that might be. He explains that portions of his writing will be reproduced from letters he had written to the "Daily Alta California, of San Francisco," the "New York Tribune" and the "New York Herald," noting that all had given "the necessary permission." Chapter 1 introduces the advent of a new and unusual excursion advertised and "chatted" about across America in "newspapers" and by "firesides." It was that of taking a "royal holiday" on a "gigantic scale" on a "steamship" to explore "beyond the broad ocean in many a strange clime and in many a land renowned in history!"

Twain tells how "this brave conception" was to allow participants to "hob−nob with nobility and hold friendly converse with kings and princes, grand moguls, and the anointed lords of mighty empires!" He explains how "every household in the land" was "longing" to be one of the...

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