What are the chapter summaries for How Soccer Explains the World by Franklin Foer?

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As its title implies, How Soccer Explains the World: An Unlikely Theory of Globalization is Franklin Foer 's interpretation on the recent phenomenon of globalization through the lens of soccer, one of its main cultural agents. Foer's main argument is that, despite the globalizing force of soccer, old sectarian, nationalistic, and tribalist traditions have died hard. In Chapter One, for example, Foer explores how a Serbian warlord named Arkan mobilized Red Star Belgrade supporters into a paramilitary group that committed horrific crimes in the ethnic cleansing campaigns during the civil war in the Balkans. In Chapter Two, he describes the "pornography of sects" that characterizes the famous "Old Firm" rivalry between Glasgow's two teams, Rangers and Celtic. In the third chapter, he describes the persistence of Jewish identity (despite the loss of the neighborhood identities that provided their initial context) at clubs such as Ajax Amsterdam and Tottenham Hotspur. This is, he argues in...

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