What are the chapter summaries for chapters 5 through 12 in The Wind in the Willows?

Expert Answers
pirateteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In chapter 5 Mole and Rat return to Mole's home.  Mole is embarrassed that he doesn't have any food for his guests, so Rat gives money to some caroling mice to get them groceries.

In chapter 6 Badger comes to assist Rat and Mole with Toad.  Toad has crashed several cars, raked up many fines, and is becoming a danger to himself and others.  Toad will not listen, so the trio locks him in his room until her calms down.  Instead, he breaks out and steals another car.  This time his wreck lands him in jail.

In chapter 7 Mole and Rat take the boat upstream to find a missing child.  They hear beautiful music, and by following it find Portly sleeping beside a mythical creature.  The creature disappears, and they take the child home.

In chapter 8 Toad escapes with the help of his jailor's daughter who dresses him up as a poor wash woman.  Without any money (or his own clothes) there is little he can do.  A train engineer takes pity on him and lets him ride the train.  Toad confesses who he really is once they realize they're being chased by the police.  Toad jumps off the train as it reaches the station.

In chapter 9 Rat is bored and talks to another rat who has sailed the world.  Convinced this is something he should do, he goes home to pack his things, but before he can leave Mole convinces him to stay.

Chapter 10 has Toad cold but free.  Utilizing his disguise, he tricks a woman into letting him on her barge.  She throws him overboard when she realizes he is deceiving her.  He steals, and the sells, her horse out of revenge.  He gets a ride with a man in his car and convinces the man to let him drive.  Ecstatic to once again be behind the wheel, he wrecks the car.  He again escapes the police, this time by the river.

In Chapter 11 Badger devises a plan that will allow him, Rat, Mole, and Toad to regain control over Toad Hall.  Mole steals the washerwoman disguise and convinces the Stoats that a massive attack is about to happen.

In chapter 12 the four, armed, jump out of the pantry and scare away the weasels. Rat convinces Toad to have a banquet to celebrate their win.