In which chapter of The Hunger Games is acceptance the theme?Identify the chapter and analyze the theme.

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Kristen Lentz eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In Chapter Nine of The Hunger Games, Cinna's actions and honest dialogue reveal his acceptance for Katniss.  Much of the preparation for the Hunger Games involves changing the tributes and molding them into unforgettable stars.  Effie Trinket coaches Katniss to improve her presentation:

"Just remember, Katniss, you want the audience to like you" (115).

Despite Effie's well-meant tips, Katniss struggles with how to show herself to the best possible advantage.  Although Haymitch is no more help than Effie, Cinna, her stylist, recognizes Katniss' individuality and accepts her for who she is.  He advises her:

"Why don't you just be yourself?" (121)

Cinna further encourages Katniss by telling her that the "citizens of the Capitol, well, they can't stop talking about you.  No one can help but admire your spirit" (121).  Cinna shows acceptance for Katniss by encouraging her to answer the interview questions honestly and to be herself.  While the Hunger Games seems to dwell on shock value, deception, and bold moves, Cinna's honest conversation in the dressing room with Katniss reveals him to be not only a good friend to Katniss, but also someone who accepts and admires her strength and determination.

cheerfuleloise325 | Student

The last chapter. In the end Katniss learns to accept Peeta for who he is and that if it weren't for Peeta she most likely wouldn't be alive same for Peeta.

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