In what chapter do Mr. Rochester and Jane get married in?

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mrshh eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In chapter twenty-six of Jane Eyre, Jane and Mr. Rochester begin their first marriage ceremony.  As the minister is performing the ceremony, a strange man bursts into the church and interrupts.  He is a solicitor and he protests the marriage, saying that it would be unlawful for the ceremony to go on.  He explains that Mr. Rochester is already married to another woman, Bertha Mason.  Thus, the marriage ceremony is cancelled and Jane leaves Thornfield Hall.  She meets a family of two sisters and a brother and lives with them.


Eventually, Jane thinks she hears Mr. Rochester's voice calling to her.  She returns to Thornfield Hall, where she finds that it has been destroyed by a fire.  Bertha Mason is dead and Mr. Rochester is injured and blind from the fire.  In chapter thirty-eight, Jane and Mr. Rochester marry in a quiet ceremony despite his injuries.  



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