In what chapter did the boys discover castle rock, in The Lord of the Flies?

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The boys discover the castle in chapter 6 of Lord of the Flies.

When the boys are building sand castles on the beach they notice a strange rock that they have never seen before.  Ralph points it out during the discussion of whether or not they can get rescued.

But instead of this a narrow ledge of rock, a few yards wide and perhaps fifteen long, continued the island out into the sea. There lay another of those pieces of pink squareness that underlay the structure of the island. (ch 6, p. 148)

The castle represents another chance for the boys, but it is also another turning point.  It is a test of Ralph’s leadership.

Ralph dismissed Simon and returned to his personal hell. They would reach the castle some time; and the chief would have to go forward. . (ch 6, p. 148)

Castle Rock is an island connected to the main island by a bridge.  Jack is instantly enamored of the rock, and sees its value as a fort.  Ralph is not impressed.  Jack will take advantage of his militaristic attitude later to seize power from Ralph.  Jack is much more savage than Ralph, and the tide is turning on the island.


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