To Kill a Mockingbird Questions and Answers
by Harper Lee

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what chapter brings up rape

Rape is brought up in chapter 12 when Cal tells Scout that Tom Robinson was accused of raping Bob Ewell's daughter. In chapter 14, Scout asks Atticus to define rape and he gives her a formal explanation, which is not explicit and purposely goes over her head. Rape is once again discussed in chapters 17 and 18 during the Tom Robinson trial when Bob Ewell testifies that he witnessed Tom raping his daughter and Mayella confirms his story.

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The primary conflict of the story concerns Atticus's defense of Tom Robinson, who is falsely accused of assaulting and raping Mayella Ewell. Given the fact that Tom Robinson is a black man, there is a significant amount of controversy surrounding the upcoming trial. As a naive child, Scout struggles to comprehend the specific details of the case but tries her best to understand why Tom Robinson is in trouble. In chapter 12, Cal takes Jem and Scout to Sunday service at First Purchase African M.E. Church and Scout watches as they take up a collection for Helen Robinson. When Scout asks Cal why Helen...

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