What is chapter 7 of Lyddie about?

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sciftw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In a few of the chapters preceding chapter 7, Lyddie has been hard at work at Cutler's tavern.  She is worked hard there, but she did have a small interaction with a woman that works in the factories and makes a good wage.  At the end of chapter 6, Lyddie is fired from Cutler's tavern, so she decides that she will head to Lowell, Massachusetts in order to find work in the factories there.  Chapter 7 is about her journey there on the carriage.  Lyddie is the only hardworking, streetwise person on the entire carriage.  This becomes evident when the carriage gets stuck.  The men that are riding on the carriage are completely useless and have no idea how to go about getting the carriage unstuck.  Lyddie eventually gets frustrated with their ineffectual efforts, and she steps in to do the job herself.  She successfully gets the carriage unstuck.  The driver is quite impressed with Lyddie's strength, knowledge, and tenacity, and he tells Lyddie where to find lodging with his sister, Mrs. Bedlow. Mrs. Bedlow turns out to be a wonderful resource and helps Lyddie obtain clothing and a place to stay.  Mrs. Bedlow turns out to be a good friend for Lyddie as well. 

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