What is the Chapter 17 summary for The Egypt Game?

Expert Answers
dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Egypt kids, who had left a question for Oracle of Thoth to answer the day before, gather at the alley and enter Egypt together. April takes charge, directing the children to put on their costumes and sit around the Oracle. She then begins the ceremony.

April, as the "high priestess," introduces Ken, who is playing the "famous general" Horemheb, to the Oracle. It is Ken who is to have left the question, and he has supposedly been "fasting in a holy cell" while he has been waiting for an answer. April then burns some "twisted paper logs" in the "sacred fire-bowl," and leads a procession around the grotto, but then approaches the altar alone where Thoth sits with the slip of paper containing the question Ken has asked in its beak. Everyone chants while April takes the paper from Thoth's beak and reads it. As she reads it she frowns, then turns to the others and demands, "Who's the wise guy?" On the paper, Ken had asked if he will be "a big league star someday," and to April's surprise, there is an answer on the back of the paper, written in an unfamiliar hand. As the children do not really believe that the Oracle is real, April naturally suspects that one of them must have written the response, but everyone denies doing it. Melanie suggests that they try the whole thing again, and watch each other very carefully to determine which of them is the culprit, and everyone agrees. April is chosen to leave the next question with Thoth, and she writes her query on a piece of paper and has Toby place it in Thoth's beak.

As the ceremony concludes, there is the sound of thunder, and the Egypt kids run outside. It begins to rain (Chapter 17).