Please summarize chapter one of Lord of the Flies.

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When the chapter opens, Piggy and Ralph bump into each other on the beach and begin trying to figure out what has happened. Piggy has a good understanding of how things worked out and Ralph listens somewhat absentmindedly. Piggy also reveals his nickname (Piggy) but asks Ralph to promise not to tell anyone else. Once they find the conch, Piggy shows Ralph how to blow it and once the sound gets loud, the rest of the boys begin to emerge from the jungle.

Jack's entrance with his choir is particularly notable as they all march in, complaining about the heat in their choir togs. Simon actually appears to pass out from the heat and Jack lets them relax. The boys try to take names and make a list and they also decide that they need to elect a chief. Ralph wins the election but quickly cedes some power to Jack so that he can be the leader of the hunters.

Ralph, Jack, and Simon go off to explore the island to find out for sure if it is actually an island. They determine that it is and along the way stumble across a pig but Jack can't kill it. They go back down to meet the rest of the boys on the beach.

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