What changes are made to the Fifth and Sixth Commandments?

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After the pigs begin drinking the whiskey, Napoleon gets so drunk that the next day it is announced that Napoleon is near death, Obviously he is hung over, so eventually the old commandment which read "No animal shall drink alcohol" is changed to" no animal will drink alcohol to excess". The sixth commandment is changed from "No animal shall kill another animal" to 'No animal shall kill another animal without cause. Eventually every other commandment is changed, especially the last commandment which embodied the spirit of all the commandments. It stated, "All animals are equal." By the end of the novel, it is changed to "All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others." This is a sad and ironic statement about how the pigs are able to take over a revolution designed to give every animal equal treatment and free them of the tyranny of Mr. Jones. Instead, the tyranny of Mr. Jones is simply replaced by the tyranny of the pigs

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the first time they mentioned the fifth commanment it was "no animal shall drink alcohol" then they cahanged it to "no animal will drink alcohol to excess."

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