What changes were made to Emergency Management procedures after Hurricane Katrina?

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There were many changes to emergency management procedures after Hurricane Katrina.  There were many changes made to FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) since this hurricane.  First, the agency can respond in advance of storms instead of waiting for state governors to request assistance.  Second, the person in charge of FEMA is an experienced professional.  He had experience running Florida’s emergency management agency. Another change is that FEMA has new management procedures.  There is much more analyzing of data, programs, and outcomes to determine which ones are working and are cost effective and which ones aren’t so good. Another major change is that FEMA has full White House support.  FEMA must coordinate responses from different federal agencies, and the White House fully supports this.  It was generally agreed that as a country we weren’t prepared to deal with a crisis of this magnitude. There needed to be a system that unites all levels of government as well as private sector groups. As a result of a comprehensive review of the failures learned from Katrina, changes were made to help us be more prepared for the next national crisis.  There have been many changes made to emergency management procedures since Hurricane Katrina.

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