What changes have characterized religious behavior in recent years among African Americans?

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Black liberation theology is a variation of liberation theology that started in Latin America among Catholic theologians, which saw the exodus experience of Israel as a paradigm of salvation and deliverance for all oppressed people. In addition, these theologians see in Jesus a model of seeking justice for the oppressed and downtrodden.

This has shaped African Americans. It has strengthened the African American church to take a stand and seek justice. For example, in 1966, a group of African American ministers started a National Committee of Negro Churchmen. In fact, these ministers took out a full New York Times ad to speak of Black Power and their intention to fight racism.

In addition, within the last decade, it is pretty clear that the African American church has progressed and gained a lot of clout. Now there is an emphasis on prosperity. So, we can say that there is a shift from seeking justice to seeking prosperity. Even the pastor as Whitney Houston's funeral spoke of a message of prosperity. This message in many ways is becoming the norm.

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