What changes does Napoleon make after Snowball's expulsion? How does increased power affect him?

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Once Napoleon's dogs have sent his most dangerous rival packing from the farm, he immediately sets about establishing a dictatorship. To that end, he starts messing around with the Seven Commandments of Animalism, most notably "No animal shall drink alcohol." Napoleon likes the occasional drink or two, and besides, he doesn't want his power to be curtailed by what he sees as petty and restrictive regulations.

He also starts trading with humans in the nearby village to provide funds for the windmill and other improvements on the farm. When Snowball was around, Napoleon was adamantly opposed to the windmill. But with this deadliest rival out of the way, Napoleon can now set about building a windmill and passing it off as his own idea. It will stand as a towering monument to what he believes to be his foresight, vision, and incredible genius.

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Napoleon knows that Snowball could conceivably return so all blame is shifted to him. Little by little, everything that has gone wrong-including the re-writing of some of the history in minds of the animals- is blamed on Snowball.

Immediately, the day to day operations change. Perhaps most important is the abolition of the Sunday meetings. The meetings are now only a listing of the week's upcoming duties. Since this is where Snowball and Napoleon argued, the elimination of the meetings will keep another Snowball figure from rising up to challenge Napoleon's power.

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Well, the first change Napoleon makes is to cancel the meetings held on Sunday morning. Immediately following, he starts having private meetings with just the pigs.

A bit later, Napoleon announces that they will build the windmill, finishing a project that had been cancelled.
Later still, the work week goes up, and after that, the changes are too distant in time and pages to be called immediate.
As far as how I interpret the effect, the main effect is that the use of force is openly threatened and that history is more actively rewritten to justify changes.

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