What changes do we see in Scrooge in stave 4?

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In stave 4, Scrooge is visited by the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come. It is through this visit that Scrooge finally grasps how his greediness and oppressive behaviors affect other people and, ultimately, how these behaviors will result in no one caring about his death when he is gone. One could certainly argue that Scrooge comes about his final transformation through yet another selfish act in that he finally commits to change not because of witnessing the suffering of others but because no one will miss him when he is gone, and in fact, people will celebrate the death of the greedy, horrible rich man.

However, Scrooge does transform. After the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come leaves him, Scrooge promises himself that he will embody the spirit of Christmas. He finally understands that unless he truly transforms into a man who is giving and kind, he will end his days lonely and bitter, and that his death will not be met by fond eulogies but by celebrations that his death will end the suffering of those he has exploited. In order to reverse his fate, Scrooge understands that he must completely transform his character into a man who does not seek to exploit others.

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