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What changes did Pax Romana make in government, laws, census, army and roads?

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The period known as the Pax Romana, or "peace of Rome," began in the year 27 BC when Octavius took the throne as the Emperor Augustine, ending the period of civil wars and beginning the age of the emperors. In many respects this initiated a long period of incredible accomplishment, as the Empire expanded and was knit together by an amazing system of roads not equalled until the post-World War II era, and through the census, first introduced by Augustus. Roman cities boasted water systems, sewage systems, public transport and many other "modern" advantages. The Pax encompassed the era of "the Five Good Emperors." Unfortunately, at the same time the ideals of the Roman Republic died a hard death, with increasing tyranny by the emperors, corruption in the government, and a general decline in the ability and desire of the citizens to take responsibility for...

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