What changes did Henry VIII make to the Church?  

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The reign of Henry VIII was a time of great change in the relationship between the English state and the Church. In a bid to divorce his wife, Catherine, for example, Henry broke away from the Church in Rome in 1533 and established the Church of England. The passing of the Act of Supremacy (issued in 1534) declared Henry (and subsequent monarchs) as the head of this new Church which enabled him to obtain the divorce he so desperately wanted.

Between 1536 and 1540, Henry dissolved all of the monasteries and religious houses in England. The buildings were stripped of their valuables and the land (which formerly belonged to the Church) was sold off. All profits were returned to Henry. 

In addition, in 1538, Henry had the Bible translated into English for the first time. He also passed a law requiring every Church in England to purchase a copy of this English Bible and to display it in a place of prominence. (See the reference link provided). 

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