What does the change in election results suggest about how American society has been altered because of Eckels' error?

The election change results suggest that American society has become significantly more ignorant, violent, and oppressive due to Eckels' error. Under President Deutscher, America has transformed into a dystopia, where personal freedoms do not exist and ignorance reigns supreme.

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Before Eckels embarks on the Time Safari, President Keith recently won the election over a dictatorial candidate named Deutscher. Both Eckels and the man behind the desk are glad that Keith won the presidency and the receptionist elaborates on Deutscher's political platform by saying,

There's an anti-everything man for you, a militarist, anti­-Christ, anti­-human, anti­-intellectual. (Bradbury, 2).

The receptionist also informs Eckels that a few worried citizens called their office to request leaving the present to live in the distant past if Deutscher became president. Before Eckels travels sixty million years in the past to hunt a dinosaur, America is a peaceful, democratic nation, where personal and religious freedoms are celebrated and society is tolerant, educated, and stable.

During the Time Safari, Eckels panics when he comes face-to-face with a ferocious Tyrannosaurus Rex. Unfortunately, Eckels runs off the Path and accidentally steps on a prehistoric butterfly, which...

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