What change can be seen in Piggy when he fights with Ralph in the water? 

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gmuss25 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In Chapter 9, Ralph and Piggy jump into a pool of water to bathe, and Ralph squirts water into Piggy's face. Piggy then tells Ralph, "Mind my specs...If I get water on the glass I got to get out and clean ’em" (Golding 211). Ralph doesn't listen to Piggy and squirts him in the face again. Ralph laughs at Piggy and expects him to meekly swim away without saying anything. Instead of taking Ralph's abuse, Piggy retaliates by yelling, "Stop it!" and shoves water into Ralph's face (Golding 211). Ralph is shocked and immediately stops squirting Piggy with water. Piggy's response indicates that he is becoming more protective of his glasses, which symbolically represents his feelings towards maintaining civility on the island. At this point in the novel, Piggy realizes the importance of remaining civil and defending himself against the impending barbarism.

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