What are the challenges of participating in a group project? What skills are needed to participate in a group project?What could someone learn...

What are the challenges of participating in a group project? What skills are needed to participate in a group project?

What could someone learn about teamwork through observation?

Expert Answers
mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are many challenges a person may face when working on a group project. When working on a group project, you must be aware of the needs, desires, and goals of the other people working on the project. While you might have a clear vision about what should be done, you will need to consider what other people are doing and thinking. If you were working on this alone, you could do whatever you wanted, whenever you wanted.

You also have to be able to handle different personalities and work styles. Other people may have a very different way of attacking a project. Some people like to wait until a deadline approaches. Others like to start working on the project right away. Some people like to think of many different options. They may think outside the box. Others want to focus on one or two key ideas.

When working in a group, it is important to validate other people’s thoughts and opinions. It is important to make people understand they are important to the group. It is important to communicate respectfully and openly. Failure to do this may lead to team members shutting down and not contributing, which can affect the final product.

To be successful when working in a group, you need many skills. One skill you must possess is to be a good listener. You need to make a person feel their ideas, thoughts, and concerns are being heard. You need to have empathy for a person who feels they aren’t being treated well. You must be a person who can collaborate with others. You need to realize your ideas will not always be accepted. You need to know when to pick your battles and when to let things slide.

By observing a group, you can learn what strategies work and are most effective under specific circumstances. You can also learn what doesn’t work, and then avoid repeating those mistakes when you are working on a group project. You can also focus on individual people and watch how they operate. This will give you some insight into different work styles people have.

Working on a group project can be rewarding. It can also be challenging. Your skills and the skills of the people with whom you are working will help determine if the group project will or will not be successful.