krishna-agrawala | Student

Services are one of the two types of products sold by business enterprises, the other type being goods. Traditionally the proportion of goods in the total products sold and consumed in any economy was much higher than that of services. Accordingly the subject of marketing concentrated on methods and tools that focused on goods rather than services. But with increasing understanding of marketing function, it became clear that the methods of marketing effective for goods may not be entirely suitable for services. Also, with economic development, the proportion of services in the total products in an economy rose. Thus in all developed economies of the world the proportion of services today exceeds 50 percent. With these developments, services marketing emerged as an independent function and subject of study as opposed to general marketing, or marketing of goods. With this, starting from the 1960s, a great deal of work has been done and a lot of knowledge in the field of services management has been created.

It is not possible to cover even a fraction of one percent of all the aspects of service management within the space limitation of this forum. It is best to read a good book on services marketing. Given below are links to three pages on eNotes that provide some introductory information on services marketing.