Religion in the Thirteen Colonies

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Why do you think the Puritans succeeded in establishing permanent settlements in New England?

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There were a few reasons why the Puritans were able to successfully establish permanent settlements in North America. One reason is that they were able to focus on the growth of their settlements instead of trying to constantly defend their settlements. They established friendly relations with Squanto, who showed them how to survive in North America by hunting, fishing, and growing crops such as corn. He also helped the Puritans establish friendly relations with some Native American tribes.

The Puritans also established a form of government when the members of the group signed the Mayflower Compact. This document established a set of rules for governing themselves and also established a social structure within the settlement, which helped to create a more orderly society.

Many of the Puritan settlers came as a family unit. This allowed them to live in peace and to get along well with each other. The Puritans were successful while living in Great Britain; they had many skills and were...

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