The Articles of Confederation

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What challenges did the new American republic face in 1776 and how did the Constitution reflect those challenges?

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The problems faced by the new republic went on from 1776 until the Constitution was ratified in 1787. These problems included a nonexistent executive branch under the Articles of Confederation. The Constitution addressed this issue by creating a President and an executive branch.

In addition, under the Articles of Confederation, the federal government had a hard time raising monies from states to fight the Revolutionary War. To address this issue, the Constitution created a legislative branch, or Congress, that had the ability to raise money through taxation.

Also, during the early republic, there was an ongoing battle between the large and small states over power and representation. To address this issue, the Constitution created a bicameral legislature, meaning a Congress with two houses. Representation in one house was determined by population, while in the other house, each state had the same number of representatives. This was a compromise struck between large and small states.


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