What challenges did early Jamestown settlers face?

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The settlers at Jamestown faced many challenges.  One challenge was dealing with unfriendly Native Americans.  Because of this concern, the settlers felt unsafe venturing away from their settlement.  This was a big concern because the settlers needed food.  This brings us to a second problem which was the lack of food.  The settlers at Jamestown didn't have enough food.  Because they felt unsafe moving away from the settled area, shortages of food were a big concern.  Many colonists died from a lack of food.  A third issue the colonists faced was weather.  One reason why there was a shortage of food was because the area was experiencing one of the worst droughts ever in this region.  This made growing crops very difficult.  In addition, the winters were brutal.  Many colonists died from the hardships they faced during the harsh winter.  The colonists faced many challenges while they were at Jamestown.

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