What challenges did Africans face when they gained independence from colonial rule?

The main challenge that Africans faced when they gained independence from colonial rule was the question of how to build a stable system of government. Many African countries were not divided along tribal lines, making to difficult to establish a unified state. Such differences had been largely suppressed under colonial rule. But under independence they came to the surface once more, causing severe problems for many of the new nation states.

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Most African nations started gaining their independence in the mid-1950s through 1975. African nations faced many challenges after gaining independence from European rule. Although these challenges varied from country to country, it is widely agreed that many of the challenges African countries faced, and still face today, were caused by European interventions on the continent.

One of the more common issues newly independent African countries faced was a lack of experienced leadership. For example, the first prime minister of Ghana, Kwame Nkrumah, had the support of his people at the time of independence. However, he was overthrown by the year 1966 because Ghana had amassed insurmountable debt under his leadership.

Another common issue experienced by African nations was a lack of a national identity. European involvement on the continent led to the destruction and mixing of local African cultures and traditions. When independence was granted, European powers delineated the borders of new...

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