What challenges are both Jonas and Gabriel are facing at the end of chapter 22 in The Giver?

At the end of chapter 22 of The Giver, Jonas and Gabriel are facing starvation, hypothermia, and extreme fatigue as they struggle to find an adequate food source and brave the natural elements on their journey to Elsewhere.

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In chapter 22, Jonas travels beyond the maintained, uniform fields surrounding his community and encounters hills for the first time during his journey as the landscape becomes significantly more treacherous. At the beginning of the chapter, Jonas sprains his ankle, which plagues him while he rides his bike up rugged, steep hills. In addition to the difficult terrain and Jonas's painful injury, he also experiences starvation for the first time. On the journey to Elsewhere, Jonas is tortured by hunger and cannot satisfy the "gnawing, painful emptiness" inside his stomach. Fortunately, Jonas manages to catch a few fish to feed Gabriel but does not catch enough to alleviate his hunger.

Jonas also becomes fatigued, and his legs feel weak from expending energy without eating enough food. Despite his physical condition, Jonas selflessly worries about Gabriel's well-being and is afraid he will starve to death. Just when things cannot get worse, the weather abruptly changes and it begins raining. During his training sessions, Jonas experienced the feeling of soft, pleasant rain, which is nothing like the intolerable, cold rain of the natural world. By the end of the chapter, Jonas and Gabriel are both freezing, hungry, and tired. They risk starvation, hypothermia, and extreme fatigue as they continue their harrowing journey to Elsewhere.

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