Identify a theme that is present in Never Let Me Go that can be found in other Ishiguro novels.

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Ishiguro explores loss, power structures, and human dignity amid restrictive social setting. In Remains of the Day and Never Let Me Go, we see the theme of duty also receiving a significant focus.

Remains of the Day explores the decisions Stevens, the butler, makes in serving his employer, Lord Darlington. Darlington is a typical British elite who is also a Nazi sympathizer. Stevens' duty to Darlington hall as an ideal bastion of British propriety blinds him to his employer's shortcomings. This duty also causes him to continue working the night his father dies. Stevens, Sr. also a man utterly dutiful to ideals of service as a butler, is, like his son, a formal man seemingly unable to access his feelings for his son. Duty for both men have veiled all other human impulses. Mr. Stevens' duty also denies him a romantic opportunity with Miss Kenton, a woman who is equally good in her service but who is willing to at least speak her mind about Darlington's anti-Semitism and her own feelings about Stevens.

Never Let Me Go is equally subdued in action but charged with repressed feeling. This science fiction story presents three central characters, Kathy (a carer) and Tommy and Ruth (clones). As the story unfolds, we see that in this world, clones are created to serve their original human, who will harvest organs as needed. The carer tends to the clones during this process, until they are "completed," or die. Kathy fulfills her duty to this system, even as she witnesses both Tommy and Ruth complete their lives by supplying organs to other humans.

In both novels, the sense of duty to a system that is unworthy creates a poignant look at the lives of people who feel they have no control of their lives, no choice in what they do in an unjust and harmful world, and no capacity to give themselves lovingly and independently to another.

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I think that a theme that is present in a couple of Ishiguro's works that is also seen in Never Let Me Go is the manipulation of individuals by a larger element.  This manipulation is done to advance an ulterior agenda and is done with through the full commitment of the individual.  In Never Let Me Go, the entire premise of the clones' being is that they are to be sacrificed, harvested for other humans.  Their lives are maximized to feed another beings' agenda.  Their manipulation lies at the heart of the novel, and the closer to "completion" that they get, their lives extinguish.  This idea of the individual being manipulated to feed a larger agenda can be seen in An Artist of the Floating World where Ono comes to accept that his art, one that he believed must have held social importance, becomes part of the Japanese war campaign and the atrocities that are intrinsic to it.  In this, the artist and his world become manipulated by political agendas.  In The Remains of the Day, Lord Darlington finds himself being manipulated by opportunistic Germans who wished to take advantage of appeasement for their own benefit.  In the same way, Stevens' emotional sensibilities are manipulated by his sense of duty, even though he recognized the intrinsic wrong in it.  In these instances, individuals are manipulated into a larger agenda, maximized by their own complicity in their manipulation.

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