Discuss the story "Editha" by William Dean Howells.

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William Dean Howells in his story “Editha” creates a character that sees life through those clichéd  “rose-colored glasses.” The story written in 1905 concerns the topic and theme of war [in this case the Spanish –American War] both realistically and romantically. 

Told by an omniscient third person narrator, most of the story belongs to Editha, a young girl who think s that she is the only one that really matters in the world.  The story’s theme points up the idea that life is fragile and to be valued, not to be played with as though it were a toy.  The tone belies the bitterness felt by the reader as he delves into the lives of the characters.

A disagreement between the unrealistic Editha and the more pragmatic George takes the reader to the heart of the story.  Editha wants her boyfriend to go off to war to serve his country, and he is not sure about it.  Even after discussing it with the other men, George still does not feel good about joining up and going off to fight. 

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