What is the central message of 'No Men are Foreign?"

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The central message of the poem is to emphasize a sense of community and brotherhood.  In a world where wars are waged against an "other," the poem stresses that the common nature and bonds we all share should preclude any external identification.  The idea that we are breathe, feel pain, and experience the same emotions in a different ways is of critical importance.  The poem seeks to broaden emotional frames of reference so that division on grounds of nation or ideology are not as embraced.  The central message is one where the transcendent ideas of understanding and compassion are brought out to the reader who might be in a setting that fosters division and hatred.  Kirkup's poem is an idealized vision of the global community and all of its aspirations.

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The poet asking us to renounce war and hatred! because if hatred remains,wars will continue to wage.