What is the central message of the book "Slam" by Walter Dean Myers? What is its significance to the book and your life?its for a school report, please help.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The central message of "Slam" seems to be that adversity can be overcome and moments of difficulty in life can be turned into instances where our strength radiates.  I think that the challenges and obstacles that Slam faces in his life, on the court, off of it in the classroom and outside of it prove to be moments that are very difficult, but also prove to show his character.  At these moments, we, as the readers, and Slam, as the character, witness what true character looks like.  We understand that making good choices that represent good character is evident in all situations and we, as human beings, have to recognize this in as many predicaments as possible.

In terms of identifying the significance in your life, ask yourself the following questions:

1)  When have there been moments in your life when it seemed like everything was stacked up against you?  How did you confront these situations?  How was your reaction to these moments similar to how Slam addressed his challenging situations?

2)  When have there been conflicts with people in your own life that forced you to take a stand that might have caused damage to a relationship with someone you thought was your "friend"?  How did this make you feel and what did you do?  Compare it to Slam and Ice's friendship and eventual falling out with one another?

3)  When you endured difficult situations, who gave you advice or who assisted you like Slam's former coach helped him?

Answering these questions with detail and personal experience might help you be able to identify why the book is significant to your life as well as many young adults' lives.