What is the central irony of this story? How does this irony relate to the crime?  irony of this story

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renelane eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The central irony of the story is the narrator's refusal to accept responsibility for his actions that have brought him to a death sentence. He calls his actions little or minor household occurrences which are actually violent acts of murder.

Another major ironic twist is that the black cat seems to set off his major rage in which he eventually kills his wife, and it is the black cat that helps him pay for the crime.

My favorite ironic twist is that if he had not gotten pompous, he would have gotten away with the crime in the end, so he has only himself to blame.

elyk626 | Student

hey i had the same trouble finding the irony in this story but i think i can answer your problem. the irony starts at the beginning of the story when the author (edgar allen poe) states that he is not crazy which entails that he is, in fact crazy. then there is the irony that someone would take a dead cat hanging in a tree and throw it in the window.