What central incidents reveal the primary characteristics of Buddy's older friend that make her such an important part of Buddy's life? 

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In Truman Capote’s short story “ A Christmas Memory” Buddy’s friend, who is also his distant cousin, includes him in all of her adventures. She is a simple woman who has limitations from a childhood illness. In spite of the difference in their ages, the two are constant companions. Buddy’s friend is creative, loyal, suspicious, and values her relationship with Buddy. She sees Buddy as her friend and confidant.

All year long, the pair devises ways to save money for the highlight of the cousin’s year; fruitcake making time. She includes Buddy in all aspects of the endeavor, making him an important part of the operation. When she needs the buggy, she asks Buddy to retrieve it so they can pick the pecans, and bring home the store bought ingredients they need. When their other relatives find them after drinking the leftover whiskey from making the cakes, it is Buddy’s friend who takes responsibility. She takes to her bed crying for hours but in the end, Buddy is able to comfort her. Her caring, albeit, immature nature endears her to Buddy.

At Christmas time they share their arts and crafts activities in order to decorate their freshly cut tree and make kites for each other. Her child-like, but caring attributes make her the perfect companion for six year old Buddy.

He values their friendship so much that he stays in constant contact with his friend after he is sent to military school. She keeps him abreast of the ongoings at home through her perspective. Through her letters she is loyal to Buddy even in his absence.

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