What is the central conflict of Dracula?

The story follows the group of individuals that band together to try and defeat Dracula, who is trying to spread his influence throughout England.

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The central conflict of the novel is no less than the future of humanity. This conflict plays out between a re-empowered Dracula's desire to take over the world and the desire of a small group of people who know about him to thwart his attempt.

Harker meets Dracula, an "undead" creature who can pass as a human being, in his medieval castle in the remote Carpathian mountains. Harker becomes increasingly chilled and uneasy with his host, who only appears at night, never eats, and never looks in a mirror. Harker escapes Dracula and returns to London only to find that Dracula too has arrived in London, along with other vampires followers, with the object of world domination.

London is the logical place for Dracula to start if he wants to fan out with his vampire followers and infect the world, creating a vast army of vampires. It is the capital of the most powerful nation on earth. London is also a central commercial power, with ships coming and going from its harbor at all times.

Harker and his small band must fight and block Dracula in his attempt for world domination, making for a gripping story.

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There are obvious conflicts between characters; however, the central conflict is between man and his fears.  Dracula truly represents evil; he is an imposing character who is frightening in both appearance and in his deeds.  The other characters who come in contact with him realize how evil and frightening he is.  Everyone who comes in contact with him is intimidated and frightened by him.  However, Harker has seen too much of Dracula's evil and finds the courage to kill him once he chases him from England to Transylvania.

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What is the main conflict in the book Dracula?

In Stoker's 1897 novel Dracula, Jonathan Harker, his resourceful fiancee Mina Murray, the highly learned Dr. van Helsing and a few others team up to fight the vampire, Count Dracula. After many years living in a remote castle in Transylvania, Dracula has decided to reenter civilization to feed and create more of the undead (vampires) to command. He must be stopped. Dracula's quest for power versus the group that wants to stop him is the book's main conflict.

Dracula, with his ability to shapeshift into such animals as bats or wolves, his command of unpleasant animals such as rats, his cunning intelligence and his ability to blend into the culture at large, including exploiting the widespread disbelief in the existence of creatures such as him, is a formidable opponent. HIs desire to spread vampirism and create a legion of the undead is a frightening prospect. The small band opposing him is not without its own resources however: Harker has been to Dracula's castle and can confirm that Dracula  is only up at night and that his image doesn't reflect in a mirror. The brilliant Dr. van Helsing has researched vampires, has an impressively rational and analytical mind and is also cutting edge in his understanding of technology: for example, he can do blood transfusions (never mind blood types!), and Mina is a courageous, determined woman. What transpires is a good versus evil tale as a small group of good people attempt to defeat Count Dracula.

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