How can one make an analogy of a cell to a school?

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trophyhunter1 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

A cell, although microscopic, is very complex because it has tiny organelles which each carry out a particular role in maintaining the life of the cell. A school can be compared to a cell because it too, has various personnel and offices and equipment that are important to its functioning as well. For example, the cell membrane can be compared with security at the front entrance, determining what goes in or out of the cell or the building in the case of a school. The nucleus, which has all the hereditary information in the form of D.N.A. can be compared to the blueprint of the building. Mitochondria, where cellular respiration occurs and energy is released for the cell's use can be compared to the cafeteria, where nutrients and oxygen can both be obtained to keep students' energy levels up.  The attached article contains a detailed list of organelles and their functions, where it is fairly easy to make an analogy between the cell's parts and the school's offices and personnel.

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