What celebrities are like the characters in Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales?

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This is a doubly subjective question, since the answers rest both on how one perceives Chaucer's character and how one regards the celebrity. However, here are some of my selections, with short explanations.

The Knight is notable primarily for his bravery and his chivalrous qualities. One would have to choose someone like a military man or an explorer as his contemporary counterpart. I would suggest Sir Ranulph Fiennes, the record-breaking explorer who also served in the British army for eight years. Sir Ranulph also has the right aristocratic background and sense of noblesse oblige.

The Squire is young and handsome, a romantic lover, and a heartthrob. He would have to be a young actor or a musician (since he loves singing and dancing). There are numerous celebrities in this category, but Zac Efron seems like a particularly good fit.

The Prioress was notable for her classical demeanor and perfect manners rather than her religious observances. Although there are some celebrities who are or...

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