What are the causes of the suffocation sensation which occures in panic atacks ?

giorgiana1976 | Student

U.S.Researchers have found an explanation for the feeling of suffocation that people experience during panic attacks. Choking  experienced by people during panic attacks has been so far an enigma to the medical world, because this reaction is in total opposition to the body's normal response to the feeling of fear.

 U.S.scientists have demonstrated a link between brain areas responsible for the sensation of fear and suffocation, and "shorting" of this link causes respiratory problems that occur during panic attacks. Because oxygen breathing organisms are constantly threatened by suffocation, the threat had an overwhelming influence in shaping the defense system of the human brain.

The researchers hope this discovery will help develop a treatment to inhibit the appearance of the sensation of suffocation, acting directly on the link between the two brain areas. The body normal reaction to fear is issuing a wave of adrenaline in the bloodstream, in order to help us do face a dangerous situation, strengthening muscles, stimulating the heart and widening the senses.

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