What Causes Siblings To Grow up Differently?What are some effects that cause siblings to growup differently and why? If you have any idea on an articles that could help me with this topic please...

What Causes Siblings To Grow up Differently?

What are some effects that cause siblings to growup differently and why? If you have any idea on an articles that could help me with this topic please tell. I would like your opinon on this. 

Expert Answers
clairewait eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There have been tons of studies done and books published about how birth order affects personality.  The name Kevin Leman comes to mind (Birth Order: Why You are the Way You Are).  You've probably personally observed in your life or those of your friends similar behavioral trends and tendencies of oldest children versus middle children versus youngest children. 

Certainly, nature/genetics has a lot to do with personality in general, but consider that every single child in a family is not treated the same.  It is impossible.  Oldest children learn to be independent and responsible first.  Youngest children are oftenenabled and babied and therefore do not have to do as much for themselves.  If they are not forced to be independent, they might grow into adults who have a harder time making decisions and taking care of themselves.

pacorz eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Parents cannot possibly raise all their children in exactly the same way and with the same experiences, nor should they try to. The variation in experiences has a lot to do with how you grow up, which is why even identical twins, who share the same genetic basis, think and act differently. Think of it this way: Genes determine what tools you have in your toolbox, but your life experiences shape how you will use your tools.

Here's a link to an article from Time magazine about parental favoritism that you may find interesting.

trophyhunter1 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Obviously, siblings share some genetic traits, but are not identical. Our behavior is determined by our genetics as well as our environment. While siblings may share the same household and parents, they may not have been necessarily treated the same way in their own "microenvironments". That and a combination of different genes, results in unique individuals.

pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that it is largely inborn personality traits.  We can be treated more or less the same by our parents and yet develop into completely different people.  The only way (in my opinion) to account for this is to say that we are born different and that this "nature" cannot be completely overcome by "nurture."

pacorz eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Most children in multiple child families experience sibling rivalry to some extent; if a parent's favoritism is obvious, that could greatly intensify the effects (which are mostly negative) of sibling rivalry.

leviathon3 | Student

Are there any books (not articles) you could recommend to help questions?

leviathon3 | Student

How can the difference in the sex affect parent's expectations of each child seperartely? Would a female be expected to get good grades compared to a male? Why would this be? How does favoritism affect the growth ofthe child? Would it be okay to favorone child more than the other?

leviathon3 | Student

Thanks for the link. Why and how much could the comparing siblings to one another harm their growth and devlopement?

leviathon3 | Student

Could you explain how things like parents, sibling rivalry, birth order and other similar items could possibly effect the way they growup?