What causes the misunderstandings between the characters , and how serious are the mistakes ? Why would this be considered a mistake or misunderstanding ?

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The misunderstandings between Daru and Balducci are caused by the directive which Balducci is acting under. Balducci has been instructed to transport the Arab to the schoolhouse and then report back to his work station in El Ameur where they need to continue patrolling a large territory even though they are inadequately staffed. From the schoolhouse, Daru is to transport the Arab to the police station in Tinguit as part of his civic duty even though it is against his will. He at first refuses to comply with the directive because officially, war has not been declared. Furthermore, he believes it is a dishonorable thing to do. Daru’s following action can been viewed as a mistake. From the French perspective, by Daru leaving the Arab to choose his fate, he had failed in fulfilling his civic duty and there would be consequences. From the Arab point of view, if Daru delivered their kin to the police, it would be an act of betrayal which Daru would have to suffer for.


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