What are the causes of filipino resistance to spanish rule?

greckah | Student

The very main cause why Filipinos resist the Spanish rule is because of not wanting the idea of colonialism,..Spaniards wanted to conquer the land of the Filipinos-get everything, every right, and every treasure in this land. 

Second is that they wanted to be free (freedom) from their violence and have their own government system--to stand in their feet without the puppetous help of people from foreign land.

Next, is violence. For every mistake and resistance with their orders, Spaniards use their power, swords, and law--which were all not humane and irrational.

The very last thing that opened the eyes of the Filipinos was the novels written by their "national hero" Jose Rizal.--Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo. These are the two important novels that made Filipino resist the Spanish rule.

These were the few of the many reasons why Filipinos resist the Spanish rule. 

etotheeyepi | Student

The people of the Philippine Islands became Filipinos because the Spanish called them Filipinos.  They didn't call themselves Filipinos.  They were Tagalogs, Ilokanos, Visayans, Ifugaos, Muslims, and a hundred other tribes. 

Some of the tribes, like the Tagalogs accepted Spanish culture. They became Catholics, and some even thought of themselves as Spanish in the same way as Hidalgo and Bolivar thought of themselves as Spanish. The modern Tagalog language is a Malayan-Spanish mixture. The Europeanized natives, like the Tagalogs, objected to Spanish rule  because they were inspired by Hidalgo, Bolivar, and maybe they read the Declaration of Independence.

Some tribes, like the Ifugaos, never accepted Spanish rule. Taking Spanish heads and putting them on poles was the only contact they had with the Spanish. They never heard of Hidalgo, Bolivar, or Thomas Jefferson. They objected to Spanish rule in the same way that the Aztecs objected to Spanish rule, at the point of a sword.


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