What are the causes of the decline of Jacobean Drama?

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shaketeach eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The decline of Jacobean drama was the result of the victory of the Parliamentarians in the English Civil War.  The Round heads beheaded Charles I and his son, Charles II, was exiled.

The Commonwealth, under the leadership of Oliver Cromwell, can be compared to the rule of the Taliban since both groups are religious purists.  Not only were the theatres closed (1642) but anything that was not based in religion was not tolerated.  It goes without saying that the brothels and ale houses were closed.  They imposed their strict morality on the entire population.  Although the dates of the Proterctorate are 1649-1660, the war began in 1642 with the Battle of Edgehill.  From that point on Parliment controlled by Oliver Cromwell was in control.

With the Restoration, theatres reopened and women were allowed to act upon the stage.  It is also said wine flowed in the streets of London upon the return of Charles II.